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Felicia Lindbäck has previously studied at the Cutting Academy in Stockholm and has consistently had an interest in fashion, the unique and the sustainable. In 2016, Felica received her first order for a prom dress and since then she has attracted attention through exhibitions, magazines and individual orders.



Felicia Lindbäck Couture focuses mainly on wedding dresses , gala dresses and haute couture clothing. We are open to satisfying other types of garments as long as it meets our criteria for the unique, magical and the Felicia Lindbäck Couture vision.



During the sewing process, we book several meetings together with the customer. During these meetings, bubbles and other edibles can be offered at the same time as we discuss visions, take measurements and make changes. The process can be done remotely, but the accuracy of the measurements can then not be guaranteed and it can be more difficult to meet the customer's exact needs. Felicia Lindbäck Couture has its operations in Sweden (Stockholm), Helsinki (Helsinki) and on The Åland Islands. In some cases, location can be negotiated.

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